Principal Eng

Helen Jerrard


Job Title: Principal Engineer – East England
Primary Purpose: Project delivery (site works to report completion)
Reports To: Director/General Manager
Supervisory Role: Overseeing all delivery personnel
• Overall management of ground investigation contracts ensuring site works, monitoring, lab testing and reporting meets our obligations safely, to the correct quality and agreed timescale.
• Site works performance monitoring, cost control of site works and plant, tools and equipment, resource allocation and ordering, plant and vehicle management and securing equipment and materials for the implementation of projects.
• Site works ensure the implementation of group/business safety procedures are in place and recording of site-based non-conformances and identifying areas for improvement.
• Site works manage all field engineering activities to ensure investigative data is obtained in accordance with the good practice and in line with our project obligations.
• Site works ensure all samples are organised and labelled appropriately to support efficient flow of samples into the lab (ware appropriate – set and check environmental and geotechnical lab testing schedules).
• Lab support: provide lab with programme and project testing info so laboratory staff understand project parameters and timescale.
• Reporting: Manage and oversee the preparation, 1st stage checking and validation of factual and interpretive ground investigation reports (gain sign off from Geo-environmental Director for interpretative output).
Minimum Academic Qualifications: Degree in geotechnical/civil engineering
Minimum Years’ Experience: +10 years
Minimum Geo-environmental Experience: + 5 years site works and + five years reporting
Professional Qualifications: Member of at least one recognised body (Such as FGS)
Dress Code: As appropriate when on site/yard and in office.
Other Requirements: Strong team management capabilities, ability to work under pressure and time management.
EAST ENGLAND, flexible as to work location.

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