Supporting Fanconi Hope charity

Fanconi Hope -supporting an important cause                            Fanconi Hope

Despite the fundraising problems that have affected all charities due to Covid 19, our sponsored charity, Fanconi Hope, has managed to do great things with less. This is a local charity, known to us, set up and based here in Portsmouth. Sponsored events have dried up and so donations from individuals, organisations and companies have become more important to them. Those that suffer from Fanconi Anaemia are at risk of getting cancer and the charity have been putting a lot of their efforts into research, linking up with those in the US and Europe that are working in this field. We are pleased to be able to help the  charity in these efforts, to hopefully help improve the cancer care of those living with Fanconi Anaemia. Click here for a link to a copy of their latest newsletter and a link to their website for those that would like to learn more and donate, to help further this research to improve the lives of those children and adults suffering from this life-limiting genetic condition.



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