"GTEC is the most transparent and subcontractor (Contracting Engineers) centred recruiter. GTEC is the best in the industry because it creates the level playing field of services where both the contractor and the clients are optimally satisfied."

"Having worked in the Geotechnical Industry for the best part of 20 years I have never come across an agent with the industry knowledge and understanding required to marry my expertise with the best suited roles as shown by Steve at G-Tec, while also looking after my professional development through facilitating my access to training and maximising my profitability while on contract. I would highly recommend GTEC to any other Geotechnical or Geo-environmental contractor."

"Consistently provides contracts of a range of duties and duration's to suit. Helpful in suggesting rates beneficial to both contractors  and clients (securing the work). Always pays invoices on receipt, weekly if preferred. Always available for queries/help. Notifies you of available upcoming work. Basically makes contracting as easy as possible. I know from chatting to other contractors that Steve and GTEC are highly regarded, particularly when compared to the others."

"Am really happy to be working through GTEC. Steve Barrie is one the most honest guys I have ever worked with, very supportive and down to earth. I cannot thank you enough for your help and support.  Keep the good work going Steve!"