Can we protect Europe from floods?

Engineering Geologists seconded by GTEC to projects around the UK, have been involved in undertaking site investigations for flood schemes. Recently in Portsmouth, one of our engineers worked on the  SI for part of the Southsea Coastal Scheme. This stretches for 4.5 km, and will help to reduce the flood risk to approximately  8000 homes…
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Would you know the top 9 longest tunnels in the world?

Tunnels have been built over time for many different reasons and over the years we at GTEC have placed contract geotechnical engineers on site investigations on some famous tunnel projects. These have included the Channel Tunnel, London Underground tunnels, Hindhead tunnel, Whitmore tunnel, Silvertown tunnel, Thames Tideway Tunnel to name a few. How about the longest…
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Stunning images of our Earth

Recently the Geological Society has revealed the winners of the 2019 Earth Science Week photography competition. The photos were amazing and reminds us of the beauty of the world in which we live and work. They have put together a calendar for 2020 to celebrate the winning entries. [gallery link="none" size="large" ids="2320,2321,2322"] See them all…
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